Ok so this time I'm actually using the correct list request from Mary. Sorry for the confusion last time, but that's what happens when you write your list before your intro.
  1. Round corner cantina. This is a GREAT bar, and not just because I saw Russell crow here one time. It surprises you with its size starting with what looks like a tiny dive bar decorated like a Chinese casino, then you notice a door in the far corner that leads to a comfortable middle room for dinning. Finally a huge hidden outdoor area in the back.
  2. Gooskis. Located on polish hill, why do I list a bar I've only been to once as the 2nd best? Obviously because it's a popular dive bar and I want to sound more sophisticated and diverse. Also it has a ping pong table! Refer to my other list if you don't understand why that's important. It also has a great juke box, and fantastic people watching.
  3. Cappies. Despite its small interior, cappies boasts a charming environment that manages to capture a cozy feel rather than cramped. It has a fun pole at the bottom of the stairs I like to swing on while headed to the bathroom. It also has the best trivia night in the city. What more you ask? It happens to be the favorite watering hole of the mayor.
  4. Industry. This is a cop out. It makes the list because it's literally a stone throw from my apt, and to be fair it has without doubt the best drink in Pgh. The industry smoke stack is both delicious and an event to watch while they make it for you. Now the service usually sucks.. However the food is great and it has a pretty cool aesthetic feel.
  5. Marios. What formally was the hands down best bar in Pgh when it was Docs, has now fallen to 5th on our list. Mainly do to the invasion of the south side assholes who seem to only leave their neck of the woods for this bar alone. However you still get the old Docs feel after a few drinks, and the upstairs deck remains a staple for Pgh drinking.
  6. Stacked. If your looking to play darts with your friends and just get straight hammered this is the bar for you. It's also great for watching sports, but that's about all it has to offer.
  7. Mardi Gras. I can't help but put this bar on the list. In fact it would be much higher, maybe even number 2 if the owner wasn't so touchy about smashing pictures and I didn't have a life time ban from it. Alas, I digress. It has the strongest drinks it Pgh no doubt, and a great interior. Sadly, it also has a bouncer who wants to beat me to death.
  8. Hambones. If you met two guys named hambone and flippy which one would you think liked Dolphins the most? I'd say flippy wouldn't you? You'd be wrong tho, it's hambone. -jack handy. Great bar, taco Tuesday...enough said.
  9. Pleas excuse any typos and grammar errors on my lists. I'm dyslexic af and my mom always said stand up to bully's. So back up or I'm telling B.J Novak.