This is my first list so bare with me, I tend to get better with time kinda like an aged wine. Or so I'm told, except for the wine part. As requested from Mary cheever (did I just breach the list etiquette by naming her?) this is a list of racquet sports. Also, I just realized this was a request for bars, but we're past the point of no return.
  1. Tennis. Obviously number one, as it is the most famous of all racquet sports and also the most fun and I will punch you in the face if you disagree. (fun fact I just learned the correct spelling of racquet for the first time right now. I googled it and thank god I did or this would have been very embarrassing)
  2. Ping pong. This is the only sport that comes close to tennis and it tugs on my heart strings being the first sport I've ever played. Despite how incredibly fun and accessible it is to play, combined with its ability to provide standard beer pong regulation court size, it does not quite eclipse the serenity that is tennis. Still a fantastic #2
  3. Doubles squash. If you keep reading this list ( and you fucking better) you will notice that I split doubles and singles squash into two separate sports. Technically that shouldn't be allowed but it's my list and therefore my decision, in your face. Doubs squash is INCREDIBLE. My only regret is how late in life I realized how great it is. Fuck yea.
  4. Paddle tennis. My experience in paddle tennis is limited. Having said that, the few times I played were fun as hell. It's great for people who like to be at the net (like me) and a fun winter sport.
  5. Singles squash. Possibly the best work out of ANY sport, and def the best work out of racquet sports. Singles squash is a good time and I enjoy playing it. The only problem is you feel like dog shit from all the non stop sprinting. Your body temperature will be hotter then Palm Springs and chilli wings if you play this sport right.
  6. Racquetball. By far the worst. Interesting as it's the only sport in a list of racquet sports to actually have racquet in the name. Racquetball is basically a stupid persons version of squash. Take away the skill, strategy, add a bigger bouncier ball with no out of bounds. It's almost fun, but I would prob make it illegal if I was king of America.