I have an hour commute to work both ways so podcasts have become a necessity in my life. Below are some good ones you should check out.
  1. Comedy Bang Bang
    If you've read any of my other lists than you know my sense of humor is very bizarre therefore this is the PERFECT podcast for me. It has an incredible group of guests that do jokes and bits off the top of their heads as well as a comic genius for a host.
  2. How did this get made
    This is also a perfect podcast for me as I love movies more than almost anything else in the world. What's more the movies they 'roast' are basically a list of all of my favorite movies growing up ex: con air, face off, tango and cash, anaconda, roadhouse. You could make a list of the great movies they've done on the show...in fact that might be my next list. Also Paul June and Jason are hilarious and they always have fun facts about movies. Also Paul does the best commercials of any podcast.
  3. The great debates
    A little suspicious that 2 of my top 3 are hosted by people with profiles on list app but I swear it's sincere! This is a hilarious podcast that's both entertaining and educational. @helytimes and Dave king are super articulate, have great chemistry, and debate actually important things like whether Martin van Buren ever got a blow job.
  4. Pardon the interruption.
    This is just essential for any sports fan. A daily dose of what's happening in all regions of the sports world by 2 guys who genuinely know what they're talking about, and are completely up front when they don't know ex: cricket.
  5. Doug loves movies
    Back to the comedy genre this is a great podcast for anyone who likes movie trivia and funny banter in between. I wouldn't mind a little more trivia and a little less random conversation but still a fantastic and entertaining podcast.
  6. Star talk radio
    If you are at all interested in outer space or the universe in general this is a great podcast. Big fan of Neil deGrasse Tyson, maybe the smartest guy in the world right now, definitely the best at explaining basic universe knowledge to a simpleton like myself.
  7. Dan Carlins hardcore history
    Basically I was guilt tripped by the fact that I don't capitalize on my commute as an educational experience and should listen to more informative podcasts. I'm a history guy so this one worked out great, very long but very interesting.
  8. Mystery show
    Fun short (usually 25 min) mystery stories and they're right in the middle of too hard to figure out and too easy to be entertained. Good podcast