There's really nothing that can lift my spirits better than a comedy movie. Unfortunately some of the very best fly under the radar and never get the following they deserve. If you're looking for a good one that you might not have heard of before, these are a few of my favs. (Always looking for more feel free to share)
  1. Hot Rod
    If you like Andy samberg watch this movie immediately. I consider it the funniest movie since anchorman. It's the most recently made movie that successfully made me spit my drink out from laughing too hard I'm actually smirking at my desk right now just thinking about the scene.
  2. What we do in the shadows
    This is hands down the funniest movie of the year. The flight of the concord guys (minus Brett) transitioned into film brilliantly with a vampire mockumentary. Had I been drinking something during the right scenes I may have had to spit it out, unfortunately fate was not on its side. Still absolutely hilarious tho, maybe worthy of a drink spit during a future viewing, to be decided.
  3. The man who knew too little
    This is simply bill Murray in his mother fucking prime, doing what he does best which is making me spit my drink out (catching a theme here?). Mid 90's pg-13 childish, immature, stupid joke humor, does it get any better? Not when bill Murray is at the helm.
  4. The Baxter
    This movie is amazing. Not only hilarious but has a rare twist ending in the comedy genre that leaves you feeling great. Michael showalter writes, directs, and stars. He obviously brings half the cast of wet hot to do cameos. Probably the most underrated on this list because it's a clever comedy as oppose to the goofball stuff that makes up the majority of this list. 0 drink spits, but made for up by the fact that's it's an actually well done movie.
  5. The Brothers Solomon
    Will Arnett, Will Forte and Kristen Wigg take us right back to the screwball genre I obviously prefer. This movie is genius. The two will's play off each other perfectly as socially inept brothers looking for love. It pulled off the elusive double drink spit in one viewing.
  6. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
    Technically speaking this is probably more of a crime caper or mystery and might not be found in the comedy section of block buster. However it definitely is a comedy at its roots made so by a hilarious Val Kilmer in his best comedic performance. Besides, it was able get a drink spit out of me and that earns you a spot on this fucking list. Fantastic movie, I credit it as the kick starter of Robert Downey Jr.'s return to Hollywood elite status.
  7. Seven psychopaths
    Another movie that's a mix of a comedy/mystery. This is more of a black comedy than anything else, headlined by a great cast (Farrel, Harrelson, Walken, Rockwell). It has an absolutely brilliant plot that allows it to go in a multitude of crazy directions. 0 drink spits but it wasn't really looking for the gut busting laughs, more so trying to hit you with a funny story line as oppose to individual one liners.