Could this list BE any more accurate?
  1. Chandler. I know this is just a matter of opinion but does anybody not have chandler at the top of the list? I mean come on. He had the best comedic timing of the entire cast (which is saying something) and he also had the best lines. Best lines plus best delivery equals best character.
  2. Monica. This was difficult because joey is a great case for number 2 but I have to keep Monica and chandler together. Monica was a great character on her own but the story line leading to chandler and the chemistry between the 2 was fantastic. She was the only one who could keep up with his wit and put him in check.
  3. Joey. Obviously Joey has to come next, some might even argue he deserves the top spot. He redefined the role of lovable idiot and set the standard for the funny idiot character that no show has been able to match. You can't not love Joey, he is the pinnacle of dumb guy comedy and will maintain his throne till the end of television.
  4. Rachel. All of the characters were great but the bottom three did not quite match the top. Having said that, she must be given credit for leading the main storyline throughout the series finally ending up with Ross to all of our relief. She also had plenty of hilarious moments of her own possessing and underrated wit that often went unnoticed.
  5. Phoebe. Probably the most unique character on the show and she completely owned it. Phoebe was a different kind of funny. She didn't try to be different she just naturally was and that's why we loved her. She maintained a balance of the toughest character coming from the streets while also having the kindest nature. Not an easy thing to combine.
  6. Ross. Was there any doubt Ross would be last on the list? Don't get me wrong I love Ross like I love the whole cast, but still he was the one character that managed to get on your nerves more than anyone. I agree they were on a break but that's just way to soon to hook up with a rebound, especially a stripper.