When I was about 10 or 11 years old I was struck by a flash of genius. If I really wanted something I could just give it to my dad for Christmas...and then keep it.
  1. The last of the Mohicans on VHS
    This is what started it all. By far my favorite movie ever is LOTM. For some reason I was allowed to watch even when I was 10. One day while shopping with dad Around Xmas, I saw it at the store and decide it should be his present. He bought it and wrapped it (he's super good a wrapping and even volunteers at Barnes and nobles during the holiday season). I basically just handed it to him Xmas morning.
  2. Die hard 1 and 2
    A theme clearly has started here. The next few years I would continue to get him my favorite movies for Xmas, but to be fair I DID start paying for them. Although he continued to wrap. Again not sure why I was allowed to watch these movies so young. Especially since we weren't allowed to watch the Simpsons or married with children, whatever not complaining.
  3. A unicycle.
    Age 15. Like everyone else who's normal I went through a pretty serious unicycling faze. After getting sick of borrowing my neighbors (who got me into it) that winter I knew exactly what to do. Get it for dad! That way I wouldn't waste my real presents on a unicycle that I might get bored of. He paid for half...of a bike...or a whole unicycle...he paid for his present again.
  4. Pirates of the Caribbean on dvd
    Age 17. After getting a job at blockbuster the movie theme was back on. Only this time My entire family got DVDs. To be fair I tried to get them each movies that they personally would like. Except my dad, I fucking loved pirates of the Caribbean. Although we did see it in theaters together so I played the sentimental card.
  5. A really nice bocce set.
    At this point I was about 20 and the charm of the tradition was really wearing thin. I made an impulse buy at dicks sporting goods and convinced myself that dad loved bocce (he had played once ever before I got him the set). But now we have a great set that the family shares.
  6. Bocce was the final straw
    My older brother or 'the golden child' as I like to call him has a terrible habit of calling me out on all of my shit. According to him 20 years old was to old to 'keep being an asshole' and I had to start getting real gifts. I am now 8 years clean of giving my dad shit that I want. Every year is a struggle, but I find away to get dad something he actually wants.
  7. For the record.
    I promise I wasn't a spoiled dick growing up I just had really cool parents.