This is a list of things that I don't like and find it inconvenient and or burdensome for not liking and wish I could change.
  1. Seafood. I would love to love seafood. I've always wanted to. I think sushi looks really cool and those restaurants where you pick sushi off a boat looks so fun. Unfortunately I find all forms of seafood completely disgusting. I can't handle the smell, I would actually sit in a different room as a kid when my family ate fish.
  2. Math. It looks so nice when my friends or even complete strangers use math to figure out things. It's like, how? I really wish I liked it and used it for more situations.
  3. Car rides. I hate riding in the car for anything more than 25 minutes. I don't understand how some people enjoy long car rides it's crazy, however it's my type of crazy and I wish I was apart of it.
  4. Cooking. I eat out way too much. It's not healthy and a waste of money but It beats making my own food any day....And pretty much everyday.
  5. Home improvement. Not to be confused with the classic Tim Allen show which I obviously love. I'm referring to the pain in the ass handy man chores people do around the house. I wish I enjoyed that shit so I could get good at it and build cool stuff but Netflix is just so much more appealing.
  6. Working out. I have NO idea how people enjoy this. So many Instagram and Facebook pictures of people working out and loving it and I want to be one so badly but as I said before...Netflix is just so much more appealing.