6 Pieces of Advice for My 6th Grade Self

  1. Stop cutting yourself
    Put the razor down. That bitch is not your real friend if she makes you feel insecure about your leg hair. Miley Cyrus dyes her armpit hair in 2015, so hair is trendy.
  2. Sex is serious
    Sex is NOT a joke, and you shouldn't have felt embarrassed about not understanding those degrading references the immature boys made on the bus. You were 11 for crying out loud!!
  3. Be proud of your parents' savviness
    Those Walmart Nike Shox are just as cool as the real thing but cheaper! And thrifting will be super hip in college
  4. You're a late bloomer, it's okay!!
    Your period will come in 9th grade, and you still will be waiting for your boobs to come in at 21. It's not a competition, and your boyish body doesn't make you any less of a woman.
  5. That boy is not THAT cute and you should avoid him like the bubonic plague
    Actually, don't look at any boys... You wasted a lot of time thinking about them, and don't need their validation to feel complete. Feminism will explode and all will be good... You're still single though, but that's okay.
    You gave so much of yourself trying to fit in, and enough is enough. You're really weird and quirky, but people love that most about you.