This is a very misleading title. I'm sorry, marketing 101
  1. Omg
  2. What the hell
  3. My mom was driving me to school and I was reading @jenny's PS I love you
    I haven't read for pleasure in a longgg time, but I ate up the prequel "To All the Boys I've Loved Before" so quickly last night!!
  4. As I was enthralled by the "hot hot-tub sex" part of the book,
    Lara Jean, we are one and the same. I too would wear an Amish bikini
  5. A truck rear ended us
    For a legit split second I thought that was it and I was disappointed... I always thought I was going to die in a tragic and news worthy way
  6. My mom suddenly got super anxious and nervous, yelling at me to call 911
  7. I've never seen her not in control of a situation
  8. That made ME extremely nervous
  9. I called 911
  10. And I've never called 911
    This list also suddenly became "the time I realized I was an adult" list
  11. The lady that hit us was obviously remorseful and basically threw all of her insurance info at us
    "I'm so sorry!! There is no damage to your car. Come out and look. There is no dent, you can check for yourself"
  12. I have a headache... I'm not sure if I should say something or its just nerves. She already felt bad, and I didn't want her to feel worse
    Her poor insurance will go up!!
  13. So I let it slide as my random act of kindness for the day because I'm a good person
  14. I'm still super shaken and want to throw up
    I can't imagine what I would do if I was in an accident all by myself 😭
  15. Brb working on my will now.