I Got in an Instagram Fight and Now I'm in Court, That Escalated Quickly

I don't really pay close attention to the legal procedures in "How to get away with murder", only the juicy parts...so forgive me for any wrong jargon
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    Your honor may I present to the court the evidence in hand.
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    This is the initial comment posted by the defendant to her family member, intending to notify the family member of important current events supplied by the news media outlet: user picturesoftext from Instagram
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    Miss babygrltina and another party were approached by the plaintiff, whom they've never had any prior encounters with or hold ill well against. Thereby the plaintiff's attacks were unsolicited. My client made no statement that Uber is to blame for the drivers actions
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    The defendant calmly assessed the situation and simply expressed her insecurities about riding in a stranger's vehicle, clarify her reasoning for not utilizing Uber or taxi-like services.
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    Your Honor, the defense would like to recognize Mr. Noneofyourbusiness as a witness in this case. Let the record stand that the witness and plaintiff are in cahoots to harass my client and take away her freedom by suggesting she be confined like Brie Larson in the movie "The Room."
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    The plaintiff further has evidence ready in a 3 page argument, with citations in MLA format (pending). The defense would like to complete the cropped sentence "whatever makes you feel better" and also not pictured is the plaintiff commenting again, to include the missing word "flawed" in regards to the defendant's logic
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    ...Flawed because the defendant apparently failed to include the government sector and food industry in her comment on "potential dangers" which she attests that she elaborated to include only the potential danger of being in a stranger's car.
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    Also, your honor, the plaintiff fails to provide a reliable source for the evidence she overheard about waiters. This puts into question the credibility of Ms. Whothehellareyou's previous and future statements.
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    Miss babygrltina is an accounting student, who's career is based on applying professional skepticism and professional judgement, thereby I object the plaintiff's accusation that my client has no logic or common sense
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    Let it be known the defendant clarifies for the 2nd time that sitting in a stranger's car is what makes her uncomfortable. Your honor, my client's only offered her opinion on transportation. This should be held independent and in no correlation to the plaintiff's apparent views that government and restaurant staff are "potential dangers"
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    Your honor and you the jury...
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    In the case of The People VS babygrltina, the court hereby finds the defendant...
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    **lol that was fun to write. Also, the usernames were censored to protect the identities of the other individuals involved. I do not promote bullying of any kind and would prefer it if no one makes contact with the other party. My comment to them only serve to explain where I was coming from, not to berate them for not understanding my viewpoint.
    I even had to download the doodle buddy app to scratch out the names 😂👌🏼Kill 'em with kindness..
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    I just thought it would be funny to share my silly commentary on the event. I hope you enjoyed reading.
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    Also, they tried to continue the tiff this morning but I'm tired. I don't need and should not have to explain myself to anyone.
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    This is my first and last social media "argument." I will never respond to negative comments anymore
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    If you don't like what I have to say you can unfollow or not even acknowledge this list, wouldn't want you to not enjoy your list feed 😊
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    Lolz bye
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    💕Have a great day everyone 💕