So first let's update y'all on what happened between my last list and the meet up
  1. I eat lunch and am getting ready. When suddenly I get major diarrhea.
  2. OMG I didn't think I was this nervous
  3. Then I remember my period is late a couple of days. So that's may be the reason why
    Note that my friend knows I'm a bad chef and diarrhea is a normal side effect sometimes when I cook *shrugs*
  4. I'm praying I don't bleed on the drive over or during the meet up, because I get low energy when I'm bleeding out of my vagina
  5. "Wipe it up and slap on a smile" alright Im just gonna stick on a panty liner on and rock all the trials and tribulations I went through
  6. I'm headed out of the door, feeling cool and confident
  7. I told him to meet me at the coffee shop at 1:15pm
  8. I'm here early at 1 cause I knew parking would be terrible ~downtown Htx parking~
  9. Yes there is one spot open at the place!!!
  10. I drive around to it and wtf noooo, I can't fit in because some asshole parked like an asshole and cross over the lane!!!!
  11. Ughhh. Ok there is a handicap spot. I have my temp handicap pass cause of my leg surgery in November.
  12. But what if he walks me to my car after... I don't want to have to explain why I'm handicap
  13. Also if you see me, I walk normally (I just can't walk for a long time or else I my leg gets achy and stiff) so I always feel bad to park in handicap when people have to worse than me
  14. Anywayssss I find parking down the road and head straight to the coffee shop bathroom inside to compose myself
  15. I text him after as I'm standing in line to order
    I'm thinking I'm gonna beat him to ordering so it's not awkward when I pay for myself...
  16. But fuck me he texts saying he's walking to the door from parking lot
  17. I think I see him in the corner of my eye... Shoot how tall is he??? We didn't discuss height
    Hi I'm kinda shallow 👋🏼
  18. Oh that's him. There are like 3 customers between us... I should walk to the end of the line to meet him right. Would be weird if I didn't
  19. Okay *smiles and says hi*
    Def shorter than I thought, but tall enough
  20. "Christina? Hi!" ***opens arms up for a side hug****
    Wtfff this is weird. Side hugs are the devil's creation. Why why why why
  21. I return the awkward side hug
  22. Alsoooo I need to mention his voice
  23. When he first opened his mouth I was like 😳😳😳
    Is that you Urkle???
  24. A very like shy, quirky, feminine voice
    Andddddd I'm already turned off *but* I keep an open mind-ish cause that's what life's about right??
  25. Alright we're doing this. Standing in line is weird. I naturally don't want to make much eye contact. I'm still uncomfortable with his voice and the situation lolol
  26. I order and the barista asked us if we are together or separate checks
    "Separate"... I'm ~sorry~ Brandon, 24. It's not you (ehh), I already made up in my mind I was paying cause I'm a strong independent woman 💁🏻
  27. I think he's a little disappointed. But whatever he's fine with it. The freakin line is long. Small talk is at a high, he asks me if I'm from the area
  28. We sit down, at a kinda bar like high chairs that line all around the store front
  29. OH. I need to mention my BFF is shadowing me in the corner with her boyfriend hahahahahaha
    Note: I texted her immediately in line when I heard his voice...
  30. She gives me a thumbs up and I try not to cringe and laugh at my uncomfortableness and her enthusiasm and excitement
  31. Back to The Male Nurse.
  32. Convo was comfortable we talked about career, movies, tv, music.
    Totally basic info, which thank God I can do
  33. I definitely blabbed on and on, I think I was overcompensating for feeling kinda bummed there wasn't chemistry
    I mean I didn't expect chemistry from our previous texts but i guess I was hoping for something
  34. First lag in the convo 40 minutes in and I excuse myself to go to the bathroom..
    It's a one stall bathroom, and my BFF meets me in there so I can give her the run down while I pee 😂😂😂
  35. She's tells me it looks like I'm talking and engaging in convo lot (which was my biggest fear coming into meeting a stranger)
  36. I tell her I've exhausted all my talking points and don't know how I can manage any longer
  37. We get back to our respective seats andddd I bring up my internship for the 3rd time hahaha
    Note to self: go out more to have stories to tell
  38. He asks me for a time check (for the second time after the first time 20 minutes prior).
  39. We are both reaching the end of the tunnel lol. But he sees the light and says he better head out
    Yes. He can read social cues!! +2
  40. I agree and we leave. He asks me if I need a ride to my car, which I parked a couple blocks away.
  41. I know he won't abduct me, because he was an Eagle Scout. And Eagle Scouts just don't abduct people (but if they did, he would know how to tie a strong knot.....)
    He didn't directly tell me this info, but I peeked at his LinkedIn 😂
  42. I decline because that's freaking awkward. He gives me **another** side hug and says it was good to meet me.
  43. I'm like "yeah have a good day!" I honestly don't remember what happened. I was just trying to get out of there before he asked me out for round 2 (I needed to regroup with my BFF first)
  44. The End. I'm back at home and am exhausted. No more social interaction for me today.
  45. Kinda hoping he doesn't text me later cause I don't wanna have the awkward "let's just be friends" talk...but he prob will text cause he's just the polite type
  46. Ugh
  47. Overall, good experience. 7/10 would recommend Brandon, 24
    Polite, friendly, nice, wants to be an anesthesiologist, 5'10ish"... Just maybe not for me ~
  48. 8.5/10 would recommend Tinder
    Just be safe y'all, make sure they have LinkedIn. That's how I know they are safe to meet up Hahahha
  49. 10/10 Would go out with other people to see what I like and dislike. Not for another month though...all these thoughts...I'm tired.