This is the closest thing to a date I've ever been on 😅😅😅😅
  1. Should I greet them with a handshake? Or is that too business
  2. But I greet every stranger with a handshake
  3. A handshake can work we met at the table in the coffeeshop
  4. But what if we meet in the line together
  5. A handshake is weird right???
  6. But a hug is like uncomfortable, we didn't have much or good convo on text
  7. I need to figure out the logistics for every situation
  8. I don't expect him to pay for me. I hate it when people do that, and it's NOT a date right?
  9. Just go ahead of him in the line and throw your debit card at the barista before you finish saying chai latte
  10. What do I talk about?? Am I a bad conversationalist?
  11. Why did this guy choose coffee?? Everyone knows coffee makes you poop
  12. Is it too late to cancel?
  13. OMG hopefully I don't need to poop
  14. Omg I'm a bad conversationalist
  15. Should I mention the metal in my leg, it's and interesting and long story...
  16. What are my hobbies?
    Shit what do I do?? I watch tv and YouTube videos in my free time. OMG IM SO BORING
  17. Is it too late to cancel?
  18. Omg don't mention your medical history until the 5th date, TOO EARLY FOR YOUR SAD TALES
  19. What if he's super boring?? I can't fake a family medical emergency, he's a nurse!!!
  20. What if I like him???? Oh god, am I ready to be into someone??
  21. Is it too late to cancel?
  22. I'm screaming inside. What do I wear? It's coffee. So casual, but like the girly casual or the regular tomboy flannel shirt casual?
    Flats or sneakers I normal wear... Omg I don't wanna give off a too romantic vibe but dressing too girly
  23. Should I wear blush, I don't want to seem like I'm trying hard. But I wear blush everyday...
  24. Lol @ My friends telling me to be myself
  26. Is it too late to cancel??