I understand if I lose followers after this.
  1. True Life: I'm Going to Fat Camp
    I saw this episode and the special that followed at least 6283843 times when it first came on. Maybe because I had always wanted to go to camp?
  2. Catfish: T Lights
    A girl meets Boca Raton rapper T Lights who is part of a duo called The Twentys. It is ridiculous. Do teenagers really talk like this? Does T Lights know what his voice sounds like? Should I buy a The Twentys snap back? Go look at T Light's Instagram immediately.
  3. True Life: I'm Too Pretty.
    You'll watch this episode and be like THIS CANNOT BE REAL. It has to be fake. It's absurd.
  4. My Super Sweet 16: Reginae Carter
    Lil Wayne should not have had a billion kids.
  5. Laguna Beach: Blink
    The episode in Season 1 where they go to a Blink 182 concert and a little person tries to fight Stephen Coletti. But I own both seasons and watch episodes regularly so it's safe to say they're all up there.
  6. Teen Mom 2: Jennelle is an Idiot
    She used the word "dramastically" in last week's episode and her friend just sat there silent as if it was a real word. It now beats all episodes, including the one where Kieffer said "Past is history, future's a mystery. Today is a gift, that's why it's called the present."
  7. Teen Mom 1: Gary Picking Out an Engagement Ring at Walmart
    It's just a lot. The whole episode.
  8. Honorable Mention: Another Catfish
    The one where a girl thought she was wiring money to LIL BOW WOW.