Amusing to no one. Pt 2 will be quotes from A Christmas Story (coming to the @list this holiday season).
  1. Our time, it's our time, down here.
    Usually when someone uses the phrase "down here," which happens more often than "our time."
  2. A real neat old RV!
    I just found out the actual quote is "a real neat ORV."
  3. Their time, their time, up there.
    Used today after being told to "turn right at the McDonald's up there."
  4. Bullet holes THE SIZE OF MATZO BALLS!
    This is the first thing that comes to my mind when The Goonies is brought up.
  5. It's Chuuuuuunk.
    (in my Mouth voice).
  6. That's all over the second we ride up Troy's bucket.
    This one (actually pretty much all of them) is just rolling around in my brain.
  7. Dead things, Mikey. DEAD THINGS.
    Probably my favorite line of the movie.
  8. And finally, Chunk's fake barfing, which can actually be used in many scenarios to show your distaste for something.