remembered simply as
  1. The one I made cry in a movie theater.
  2. The one who always saved me the last bite of his Taco Bell.
  3. The one who is not into women.
  4. The one who had a newspaper article written about him in his bathroom.
  5. The one who said I was an 8.
    I'm just saying you should not tell me to my face that I could be more attractive if we are dating. Pretend you think I'm a 10.
  6. The one who bought candles online that smelled like the Marlboro Man.
  7. The one who sent his meal back with the waiter because he expected a different taste.
    I was like 👀👀👀👀👀.
  8. The one who told me sometimes he catches himself staring at my face because he thinks it's so pretty.
    I married him.