1. "Well excuse me for breathing."
    Said by Brenda Walsh in Season 1. A pretty clever way to call out someone's selfishness I think.
  2. "Like we care, I'm sure."
    This one is kind of mean and doesn't really make that much sense but it was refreshing to hear (via Hillary Swank's character in Buffy the Vampire Slayer the movie). Say it to siblings only just to cut down on the bullying.
  3. "Out of sight!"
    This one came to me after reading Five Little Pumpkins (the two yr old I nanny gives this book 5 stars) and they "all rolled out of sight." Wrong context, but still reminded me to use this as a compliment. You look so good today you're out of sight! I can't even see you! You look that good.
  4. "She looked dynamite!"
    Said to me by an older woman who shopped in the lululemon I worked at. She pronounced it "dynoooomite!" It was a true delight.
  5. "What's the latest?"
    I overheard a former coworker ask someone this and I loved it. What IS the latest? A great way to ask someone about their life.