You know the Instagram photos of people where you're like but who takes all these pictures of you nonchalantly eating ice cream in front of that brick wall? I take those pictures of you. Just like, poor quality versions. Happy share week (@ChrisK).
  1. My writing partner/life partner @glossanddirt. This was in NYC when I was like HANG ON THIS IS A PERFECT ANGLE. And I was right.
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  2. @RobbySlowik from NYC. I know this is weird, I do. I didn't even take it; it was sent to me. But it's a great picture, and if someone took one like this of me, I would want it saved.
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  3. I didn't think I had one of @seejarrett, but lo and behold! And bonus @RobbySlowik and my fiancé, @stupididiot. This is plain staged, but still. I can't delete their faces.
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  4. @glossanddirt took this photo of us doing what we do best. I'll save it forever because it's one of the two photos we have together. Cause we're the worst.
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  5. @RobbySlowik I do this every time we see you perform. This one isn't even good, but I keep it still.
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  6. @seejarrett be prepared.