She is 7 years older than me and I inherently like any and every thing in her life at all times.
  1. "Talking Bodies" by Tove Lo
    I actually hate this song. But the other day she was all about it so now I like it and hate it.
  2. Stick shift Honda Civics
    Especially if they smell like cotton candy body spray.
  3. Fiats
    Another damn thing I hate. But now she drives one and thinks it's cute and IT IS KIND OF.
  4. Vespas
    Never in my life have I had a desire but I see the practicality of them, now. I do.
  5. Harry Potter merchandise
    She got a pillow and blanket for Christmas 12 years ago and so help me if I don't find the same ones.
  6. Keeping a My Size Barbie in mint condition
    We got ours at the same time but like a stupid idiot I played with mine and hers is still in its box in her garage.
  7. The Britney Spears fragrance collection
    Actually any perfume she wears I buy without question
  8. Larry Crowne
    At first I thought I didn't like this movie but after talking to my sister about it I realize it was 100 rotten tomatoes.