I'm a personal trainer,coach,and bartender. I heard of this app via #timferrisshow with BJ Novak and Tim Ferris. This is my first list.
  1. Fear/Anxiety
    During a transitional period, it's normal to react with fear towards the unknown. Our brains love patterns. As soon as a situation minor or major presents itself the brain runs the program that runs the most. Unless we can stop the pattern and consciously operate outside of our comfort zone.
  2. Anger/Sadness
    A pretty awesome quality that differentiates us from other species is our emotions. Unfortunately this quality comes with angst. During a period of change its easy to let our emotions affect how we approach life. When sad, it's easy to project that onto others. When mad, our discontent can cause friction with others. Make an effort to recognize the tendency, own up to it, and know that you can only control you.
  3. Unique opportunity
    If you have nothing to loose, you are dangerous. Fuck the guilt or fear, it's not real. Once all emotions have been named, you can put them aside. When the fear or anxiety has subsided you can see it for what it was. You are now standing at the edge of a cliff with a guarantee that you will not die if you jump. Smile, and enjoy the rest of the ride.