Is it strange to plan out how you will waste hours upon hours of time in your future?
  1. Madmen
    No, I've never seen MadMen. I mostly need to watch this due to the fact that when most people learn I work in advertising, the first thing out of their chubby mouth is "is it just like MadMen?". I usually make a joke that we can't smoke indoors these days and I get a good laugh and people don't notice I have no fucking idea. Is it even spelled in one word? No idea.
  2. 30 Rock
    Confession: I'm already doing this and confession: it's round 3. This show slays me.
  3. House of Cards
    I pretend it be into politics occasionally and I happen to be bingeing the West Wing right now so it just seems like a natural progression.
  4. I Am Cait
    This might be a shame watch and those are hard to get through as I always have a roommate around. However, this train wreck fascinates me and I love what she's doing for the trans community.
  5. Trailer Park Boys
    I've seen many individual episodes of this show and I think I need to know the characters better to get the full experience.
  6. The Wire
    I hear that shit's good is all.
  7. Workaholics
    I've watched it and hated it. I'll give it some time and give it a second chance just like that ex boyfriend of mine. But no third chances, honey... I've learned my lesson. Plus I heard it get compared to Broad City once and I LOVE BROAD CITY.