Hotels are NOT better in every way, just in these specific ways
  1. Tiny bottles of lotion
    Which I always take with me. At my stay this week in Scottsdale, the W gave me TWO tiny bottles of lotion (!) ... These will last me months in the real world
  2. Coming home to a made bed
    Being welcomed by a made bed is heaven, especially when the pros make your bed at a hotel and the sheets are tucked super tightly at the corners. I never do this at home, and sure as hell don't do it while on vacation at an Airbnb.
  3. Minibars
    Nobody ever takes anything from these, including me, but I like to know it's there.
  4. Heavy drapes that block out every speck of light
    And OH ... the feeling when you pull those babies back.
  5. ROBES
  6. Luggage Racks
    and/or strategically placed furniture with a long, flat, empty surface that is clearly intended to house your unzipped suitcase - form follows function. I'm sorry, Airbnb hosts, but I feel guilty laying my suitcase on your stuff.