I was gonna do a bit about playing Car Jumper, but then decided to do this earnestly instead. Here's five, in no particular order:
  1. "CB's sister" in Dog Sees God @ the Zephyr Theatre
    My character was desperate to find herself. In every scene I had a drastic wardrobe change; goth, gangster, preppy, grungy, evening gown, etc. I also had two fun monologues where I got to wear an all black body suit and act real loony. The cast became very close and we sold out almost every night.
  2. "Nora" in Fishbowls Are Definitely My Thing
    In every episode, they gave me something new to try. I got to lip sync. I got to recreate famous cinematic monologues but occasionally replace a word or two with "fishbowl(s)". I was able, in the finale, to get to a point emotionally I had never reached on-camera before, and that felt really good. Also, I won a "best supporting actress" channy, which was pretty sweet.
  3. "Don't remember" on Sex Sent Me to the ER on TLC
    This was so fucking dumb and I had a blast.
  4. "Roxy" in The Sign Spinner
    I had fantasized about playing a sign spinner for a few years, and Rachelle made that happen. Her and I learned a lot together, and became best buds. It was my first time ever playing "the main character", and I GOT TO PLAY STEVE HUEY AND KATE FREUND'S DAUGHTER.
  5. "Karen" in On the Rocks (the short)
    Loved working with Alex & Ariel (and Chase and every other person involved) in this way. Felt free to really play. I got to cry all the time and look ugly, which is fun to me.