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  1. Lattes are gross. Just drink it black.
  2. That dream job you'll have one day will be a real pain in the ass, but you will love it. (Except when it is terrible)
  3. Make stuff with your friends
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  1. What is that noise?
In my mid-20s I had pre-cancerous ovarian tumors that were removed along with said ovaries.
  1. When people respond, "Well, did you want children?"
    Common female response. I think hoping I'll say "no" and we can both be all "phew".
  2. When people respond, "Are you married?"
    Common idiotic male response.
  3. Going over medical history with new optometrists, dentists, dermatologists...
    Let's talk in great detail about my most painful thing before you scrape my gums, random groupon dentist.
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  1. Gymnast
    The "Magnificent Seven" were a powerful force, y'all.
  2. TV Reporter
    Still resonates with my love of blazers.
  3. Book store owner
    Inspired by "Buy the Book" on Ellen. Oof.
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