1. Gymnast
    The "Magnificent Seven" were a powerful force, y'all.
  2. TV Reporter
    Still resonates with my love of blazers.
  3. Book store owner
    Inspired by "Buy the Book" on Ellen. Oof.
  4. Movie Critic
    "It stinks!"
  5. TV network owner
    Ala "UHF"
  6. "Work in television"
    Didn't really know what that meant, had no particular skill or direction in mind, which of course led to producing.
  7. Reality TV Story Producer
    You mean I don't have to call & book interviews for a show about aliens/grisly murders/dinosaurs/Yasmin Bleeth? I'm in. (Also this can be a pretty cool job)
  8. Author of Harry Potter series
    Working on time machine to make this happen.