I was home sick last week so I binged on these...

Ended up becoming an expert in Aussie & British slang
  1. MY FAT MAD DIARY - British - watched all 3 seasons (16 episodes). Loved! Intense, honest & comedic view of teenage depression.
  2. WONDERLAND - Australian - watched 22 episodes (1st season & a half available). Sexy, funny & cute. Totally should be redone for American audience but will probably be screwed up by NBC.
  3. GILMORE GIRLS - USA - watched 21 episodes (first season). This is the 4th time I've seen this season & it still is the best. Dean or Tristin?
  4. HOUSE HUSBANDS - Australian - watched 16 episodes (1st season & a half). Mindless, will definitely be a FOX sitcom.
  5. GRACE and FRANKIE - USA - watched 6 episodes of the 2nd season so far, glad to have these characters back.