Reasons why Merlin needs another series in present day!

Many amazing things that would would make everyone fangirl giddy!
  1. Old Man Merlin would be in it and he's snarky and amazing.
  2. Bradley James is beautiful
  3. Colin Morgan is a silly little cinnamon roll
  4. Arthur would have to learn how to adjust to the new world! That means technology!
  5. And he would be exposed to dating!! Maybe even online dating! "NO! You clotpole! Swipe left!!"
  6. He would also see a TV for the first time! Imagine his reaction if he saw someone playing him on tv!! Arthur: "I AM ARTHUR THE ONCE AND FUTURE KING NOT THIS DOLLOPHEAD!! Merlin: "Not anymore! Now shut up you ass!"
  7. Plus... Don't we all just miss them dearly?!