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Call your grandma.
  1. You meet any nice boys in New York?
    Me: "I go on some dates but nothing serious"
  2. Well, you don't need a boyfriend. Just have fun. What is it they say? Play the field.
  3. Dates are fun.
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  1. Crying watching videos of kids asking their step parents to adopt them.
  2. Eating a the crushed pieces of a chocolate dipped cannoli that's been in my backpack since 11am.
  3. Curling up into a ball to hold my urine because I don't want to ask the person next to me to get up even though she's fully awake and owes me a favor because she snap chatted me eating my cannoli when she thought I couldn't see but I could fully see because I have functioning peripheral vision.
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  1. Larry King and Ben Schwartz
    I just saw Ben on Larry's show, and I've never liked either of them more.
  2. Zendaya and Malia Obama and Amandla Stenberg
    Smart. Young. Hot. Black. Females. Finding clues and solving problems.
  3. April the Giraffe and that Sea Lion that pulled that girl into the water
    One has the heart of America. The other is the loose cannon rebel that takes no shit. A good cop bad cop for the ages.
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  1. Ration my banana bread until Thursday - aka no more than 2-3 servings per day.
  2. Call my grandma.
  3. Send the three emails my boss asked me to send this week.
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I love them. They love me. They generally don't give a shit about birthdays and I'm not salty about it at all. IM FINE.
  1. a boss from an internship 4 years ago
  2. a coworker who's not even a Facebook friend but had it on her gmail calendar
  3. my sister's best friend
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Down to the cent because I'm annoying.
  1. So MoviePass is a way to see whatever movies you want in a large number of theaters for a flat rate per month.
  2. Seeing a movie in a movie theater is probably my favorite activity.
  3. When Moviepass ran a Groupon for a 6 month unlimited membership for $160 I was all over that shit.
    And I had never bought a Groupon before, so I got $30 off with a promo code. Total purchase $130 dollars! Whaaaattttt?!?
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I think this is my new genre. Please hit me up with your favs.
  1. Chronicle
  2. Safety Not Guaranteed
  3. Comet
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Inspired by @TVAddict and @andersun. Nothing says 18-49 demo like a Midwest Sitcom.
  1. Hang Time
    Always living in the shadow of Saved By The Bell: the New Class.
  2. The Middle
  3. The Fugitive
    1966 Emmy for Drama Series - "The name: Dr. Richard Kimble. The destination: Death Row, state prison. The irony: Richard Kimble is innocent."
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