1. I'm in a dorm room with 3 of my friends and we're drinking rum and coke and dancing to My House by Flo Rida in a circle, playing this game where one person does a dance move then everyone copies it and we laugh.
  2. I'm at my lakehouse with 17 of my closest friends and schools ended but we haven't graduated yet, and everyone's in the garage playing Beer Ball and Team Flipcup and laughing and it's definitely going to be the last time I'm with this exact group of people and it's a great time.
  3. I'm about to walk across the graduation stage and they say "Bailey Scales" and I hear a single "THATS MY SISTER" then the loudest cheer yet out of the 120 people that have walked because we've decided as a family that we will always be the loudest group at the graduation no matter what it takes.
  4. My best friend and I fly down to be with our other best friend and get the perfect level of tipsy then ombré hair and watch reality TV late into the night.
  5. I'm at a regional Holiday-themed amusement park with my parent's company and my 8 year old buddy Osvaldo is there with his parents and his dad makes him ask my dad if he can take his daughter (me) on a rollercoaster and my dad says yes. I'm smiling just typing this cuz it's the purest thing I've ever witnessed.
  6. I'm at my lakehouse with my family and the Jehovahs Witness cousins who never come to holidays come and we play Catan, euchre, and ski and talk nonstop shit about all the above.
  7. I'm at a work mixer during training and I'm in a conversation with these girls who are giving me snooty vibes so I slide on over to an open area and talked for a couple of hours with a nice, cute boy and and we never saw each other again but there's always the possibility that we've sown the seeds for a romantic comedy.
  8. I'm dancing on the Coyote Ugly bar and Brynelle is dancing on the Coyote Ugly bar and the world comes full circle.
  9. I'm about to see Hamilton and I look at my mom and she's so happy that she could make me this happy and I love her so much.
  10. I'm dozing off in a car after my new NYC friend took me and my sister to go hiking upstate. It's the perfect weather and the leaves are colorful then we find a cider festival that tries to make us pay $45 each but were young and poor and hustlin' so we just walk in like we belong and it works, and my rule-follower heart pumped with adrenaline.
  11. I wake up in the morning and first thing read an email from Becky and I'm just reminded how truly good she is and how lucky I am to have her in my life.
  12. I'm home for Thanksgiving and being an adult alone has been rough, but I spend 6 hours watching the new Gilmore Girls and holding my mom's hand and I still love her so much.