1. The moment you choose to stay up past your bedtime for something amazing.
    Finishing a book. Midnight pancakes.
  2. New running shoes.
    Jumping around like "look at all the support I have."
  3. Consciously working up a sweat.
    Feel the bad stuff leaving you.
  4. Earning an A.
    Not proud of this. Letters don't define me, in theory. Letters do define me, in practice.
  5. Watching something and removing it from my Netflix Queue.
    I had a New Years resolution to watch everything in my queue. It's probably not gonna happen but imagine if it did!
  6. Winning
    Primarily in sports or trivia. But anything can do the trick really.
  7. Being surprised during a movie.
    V. rare. Bonus points for documentaries.
  8. When my whole family is laughing at the same thing.
    We've caused people to move away from us at more than one restaurant.
  9. Recommending a book or movie to someone and having them love it.
    When you low key change someone's life by being the first person to tell them about Hamilton or The Hunger Games.
  10. Paychecks
    Looking at your bank account like "I earned this shit."
  11. When something good happens to someone I like.
    Doesn't even have to be a real person. Example: When JLo gets promoted to manager in Maid in Manhattan.
  12. Laying in grass.
    In the sun. Just laying.
  13. Running down sand dunes as fast as I can.
    Pure invincibility.
  14. Writing Thank You letters.
    My favorite part of a job interview is thanking them after. The stationary! The anticipation!
  15. The feeling of feeling myself.
    When your outfit and hair cooperate together and you know the day's going to be fire.