2016 Favorites

  1. New Movie - La La Land
  2. Music Montage - Edgar and the Fireworks
    You're the Worst season 3 episode 6. Set to The Rentals' "It's Time To Come Home."
  3. Nonfiction Book - Outliers
    That book everyone got as a gift from their uncle? Yeah. Turns out it's killer.
  4. Fiction Book- The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay
  5. Album - Coloring Book
    Chance the Rapper. Duh.
  6. Decision
    Enjoy my Summer of Freedom™ and not studying for the CPA.
  7. Polaroid of Me - Welsh Fam Formal
    Connor and I dancing at my dorm's formal.
  8. Photo of Me
  9. Game - Settlers of Catan
    This was the year of Settlers and I'm not sorry about it. The table in my parents basement has a gap between the wood that's perfect for laying out all your cards.
  10. Accomplishment - Graduating
    Notre Dame Class of 2016. Magna Cum Laude bishhhh.
  11. Binge Watch - Happy Endings
  12. Food - Levain Cookies
    I know it's a $4 cookie. I'm telling you it's worth it.
  13. New Place - Crete
  14. New Show - Insecure
    Team Issa and Molly's friendship.
  15. Clothing Item - Vintage Calvin Klein Denim Jacket
    $4.50?!? I BOUGHT IT IN MAY AND I STILL CANT BELIEVE IT. It's get so soft after a few wears. I could write a paragraph but I'll contain myself.
  16. Podcast - Revisionist History
    "Carlos Doesn't Remember" broke my heart for the better