@brynelle @trunghoe and I have a new bit where we speak French, and I gather the meanings through context. Disclaimer: I studied Spanish in school.
  1. Touché
    Means the same thing as coucher if you can't remember that word when you're trying to say when you say "voulez-vous coucher avec moi?"
  2. Croissant
    Means the same thing as ce soir when you can't think of that word after you say "Voilez-vous touché avec moi?"
  3. Poutain
    This is how I refer to garbage people. For example, "I am late to our scheduled Catan game because I am a poutain."
  4. Attention avec moi.
    Look at me.
  5. Bonjour
    Hello and goodbye like aloha.
  6. Croissant!
    An exclamation of surprise, encouragement, or disgust depending on emphasis, tone, and context.
  7. Zut alors
    I know this means "darn." Can be shortened to alors.
  8. Exactement
    Obviously means exactly. Say after someone questions your French. They say, "Did you just say croissant?" And you say "exactement."
  9. Sacre bleu
    The quintessential French phrase. I honestly have no idea what it means and I just say it when it feels right. "Do you want to come over and play Catan?" "Oui scare bleu!"
  10. Ooo la la
    This is just said in a French accent and it means the same thing as like "Oh shit! No she didn't!"
  11. Maman
    A term of endearment that can refer to anyone.
  12. Repertoire
    This is what we say when we mean rapport. "I will trade my brick for your sheep to create good repertoire."