All my real life best friends are on here. (Except some but they don't matter anymore cuz this is my life now.)
  1. Static
    She was my next door neighbor freshman year, and the first person I met in college. She says funny things, and isn't afraid to admit her personal style is a complete borrowing of Selena Gomez's style.
  2. @Disbitch (active) and @kingconng (retired)
    When he lost his account info we bullied him into making a new one because his lists are hilarious and sound just like him in real life. The loudest, most unapologetically himself person ever.
  3. Static
    A funny dude and a good sport. Always down. Catch him on here when he wants to look busy or avoid FOBA. Peter just wants to fit in, but in a good way cuz it brought him to
  4. Static
    Comes at you out of nowhere with straight realness and hilarity. The best part about being an RA was that it forced her to befriend me. Also; the trademark founder of the term "Stay Out Til You Make Out (SOTYMO)."
  5. Static
    Highly anticipating his first list, but if it's anything like Danny in person I know it's gonna be funny, and generous, and too smart for me to understand.
  6. Static
    She's gonna be wildly successful so y'all should get in on the ground floor now. She's interned at NASA people, THE NASA!!! Follow her if you like science, real or fictionalized.
  7. Static
    I love Emma. She cares about everything which is rare when not caring is the norm. I love to see her worked up about something, which sounds mean but isn't because her passion rants are legendary.
  8. Static
    Long time creeper, very occasional lister. Has deep passions for the most obscure subjects. Request her about musicals, or Catholicism, or little kids.
  9. Static
    Ariel is a person that I have no words for. I haven't seen her in person for 5 months, so I hope she hasn't changed but as of January, she's funny and vibrant like a baby animal.
  10. Static
    Becky has a great heart. She makes her friends better people even when we're actively trying to make her a garbage person like us.
  11. Static
    Well, where to start?!? When Brynelle was born a young hustler on the streets of Mumbai, the world didn't know what just hit them. The OG. I don't really need to say anything about her, because her account is like her soul in bullet point form, but I'll try anyway. Brynelle is the funniest friend I've ever had. She makes things more fun. Even though she's a paranoid narcissist, she deserves to have more followers than me (and that's saying a lot because I deserve all the best things in life).
  12. List App Meetup
    Aka a normal hangout sesh for the squad.