Art Projects My Parents Felt Were Worthy of Keeping

I have the heart of an artist, but my execution skills are like an elephant learning how to hold the brush in his trunk for the first time.
  1. Dinocorn.
  2. Flower from 5th grade. Tbh not too bad.
  3. Fish from 3rd grade. Really makes one appreciate the improvement of the 5th grade piece.
  4. This doesn't need to be explained.
    Just know I got bonus points for "commitment" during the verbal presentation.
  5. Coil pot. Aka melted turd pile.
    It was supposed to be the shape of a vase, but it kept collapsing and I just said fuck it.
  6. Octopus astronaut candle holder.
  7. Penguin pitcher. Actually works.
    The original dome lid kept falling off, so I improvised a fedora situation.
  8. Biology. 9th grade.
    This is the best I will ever draw ever. I was so surprised by how this turned out, I taped it inside our pantry and no one took it down.
  9. This de-horned unicorn man thing that my mom despises, therefore I love so she feels to guilty to throw out but not too guilty to put in a back corner behind other stuff.
    It was supposed to be gold glaze. Idk.