Limited to restaurants I've actually eaten at. Sorry, Red Lobster.
  1. Texas Roadhouse
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    Always #1. Sometimes I miss the honey butter from my hometown TR more than I miss my hometown friends.
  2. Fogo de Chão
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    I interned at a fancy firm last summer, and my exit interview consisted of me and a partner talking about the Brazilian Cheese Bread for 15 minutes. I got the job.
  3. Fazoli's
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    When I heard that over half of my college friends had never been to Fazolis, I made everyone go with me at 10pm the Thursday before Easter. #HolyFazolis
  4. Cracker Barrel
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    The biscuits I had last weekend so buttery that I had a coronary right then and there. It's worth the awkwardness of having to ask for the free bread. Bonus points for cornbread.
  5. Cheesecake Factory
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    I'm thirsty for the honey wheat.
  6. Olive Garden
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    "The salt on Olive Garden breadsticks doesn't do it for me." - No One