Coldplay Concert in Gifs

  1. First all. Shout out to my friend Alexa who works in the features department of the Indy Star.
  2. Second all, shout out to the girl from NUVO mag for cancelling, which dominoed into allowing Alexa to bring a plus one.
  3. Opening with confetti is a power move.
  4. Funfetti Cake.
  5. When I accidentally captured a confetti burst.
  6. Purposefully capturing Chris Martin dancing in the confetti.
  7. Chris Martin physically overwhelmed by the emotion of "Fix You."
  8. Got a little distracted by the balloons.
  9. Dudes in the middle of the audience.
  10. Northern Lights vibe for "Sky Full of Stars."
  11. Lazers. Confetti. Balloons. Chris.
  12. Final bow. I wouldn't have said I was a Coldplay fan per se, but damn they can rock an arena. This was the most technically impressive show I've ever seen.
  13. Read Alexa's article for a full review: