Don't Talk to Me Until You've Seen...

Listen. I love you. You're like a son to me. The times we've shared mean a lot. But don't talk to me until you've completed this list.
  1. Dogfight
    You know River Phoenix is my heart and soul. It's OBJECTIVELY the greatest film ever made. Not subjectively. Objectively.
  2. Newsies
    I mean come on! Just flippin watch it.
  3. Almost Famous
    I don't care that you don't like Kate Hudson. This movie is bigger than her.
  4. Freaks and Geeks
    I shouldn't have to explain this.
  5. Bourne
    All of it.
  6. Rushmore
    God. It's like you're not even trying.
  7. Welcome to Me
    If I've seen a film 3 times, you know it's important to me.
  8. Safety Not Guaranteed
    This is the closest I've come to seeing myself in a film. Not the characters in particular. Just my general spirit.
  9. Hugh Grant's Cannon
    I shouldn't have to explain why. You should just know.