Essential Outfits in My Wardrobe

Inspired by @brynelle.
  1. The "1960s Gas Station Attendant"
    Vintage Shell jacket. Red checked button-down. Dark Levi's. Chelsea boots. This outfit makes me want to drag race a local punk.
  2. The "Live Your Brand, Bailey!"
    This is how I think of my personal style. It's weather appropriate maybe 3 days out of the year. Charcoal wool sweater. Emerald tshirt dress. delicate necklace. Scuffed riding boots.
  3. The "Live Your Actual Brand, Bailey"
    Wolf shirt. Running shorts. Mizunos. I would sacrifice my entire wardrobe to keep these three items.
  4. The "I'm Drinking Alcohol Tonight"
    Faux leather jacket. Cheap t shirt. Nice necklace. Pants: whatever needs to be washed next. Shoes: whatever can be wiped down easily.
  5. The "RA on Duty"
    Self-cut (also self-stained) sweatshirt. Sweatpants that let you know I played soccer. Socks that let you know I went to Colorado pulled up over the end of the sweatpants. Crocs because they're the perfect shoe. This look says "if you make eye contact with me I will write you up."
  6. The "Rain Douche"
    Through the gods of thrifting (Woolrich rain coat) and an unexpected gift (Hunter wellies) I have acquired a bad weather uniform with a fair market value of about $400. I hang my head in shame when I wear these, but love them both to death.
  7. The "Wannabe Tumblr Teen"
    Oversized sweater worn over a floral skirt. Urban Outfitters watch. Heeled booties. Felt hat. This looks says "I try very hard." Not pictured: Polaroid camera, excessive angst.