Inspired by @brynelle
  1. Paul
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  2. Amy Santiago
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  3. Donna Noble
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  4. Mrs. Patmore
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  5. Coach Taylor
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  6. Cersei Lannister
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  7. Robb Stark
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  8. Quinn Fabray
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  9. Dolores Umbridge
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  10. Hermione Granger
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  11. Minerva McGonagall
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  12. Thresh
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  13. Simba
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  14. Jack Shepard
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  15. Peter Pevensie
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  16. Frank Catton
    4dcbf2e9 5f09 41a0 b959 d8214b6ce490
    From Oceans 11.
  17. Dwight Schrute
    795d3be9 1f70 4f65 afe5 fa1bdcc6d97f
  18. Princess Tiana
    F3917ce3 7481 4086 a42a cce17efeafed
  19. P.L. Travers
    6eeb934d dbb7 4b38 a765 b3fe0065025a
  20. Greg Lestrade
    6fc20c1b 1975 42f8 a27a 9243f05783fd
  21. Mary Watson
    5675a3b8 d273 415e a179 728692c3b5d0
  22. Mycroft
    7cdf8cb5 a028 44dd 8c18 322e0b3f2ed4
  23. Fiona
    A1010f75 f206 49ff 8ec9 17f310d9ceed
  24. GWEN STACY!!!!
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  25. Dean Winchester
    4269919d e7e0 4e8d a10b e69cdd0b4454
  26. Mother Gothel
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  27. Caledon Hockley
    3e5f1d0f 3d38 4986 aea8 12728e6111b9
    You might remember him from that time he spat on those kids in the movie Titanic?!?
  28. Richard Gilmore
    3c7d809f b4ea 44ca 9b96 6572670abfe1