I hate giving blood, and I'm notoriously bad at it. However, I continue to do it to become a better and stronger person.
  1. Day before thoughts:
  2. We're doing this!
  3. Don't drink caffeine today.
  4. I wonder if I'll get denied again because my heart rate is too high?
  5. I'm pretty in shape, so why is my heart rate so high?
  6. A lot of people probably have heart rates above 100. Maybe the cutoff should be higher.
  7. Don't drink caffeine today.
  8. Day of thoughts:
  9. We're. Doing. This.
  10. Take deep breaths before you go in.
  11. Calm. Your. Heart.
  12. Ok. Checking in. Checkinggggg innnn.
  13. Empty donation room. YESSS!
  14. Wow, this is sad. They probably really need blood.
  15. The only other kid here is Ryan from my freshman year marketing group. Hi Ryan!
  16. Bailey, you're a great person. They need you here.
  17. Why did they change the questionnaire to an iPad?
  18. I used to be able to just draw a long line through the no boxes.
  19. Wow, I've never really read these medical questions before.
  20. Have I spent more than 8 months in England in the 80s? Have I?!?!??
  21. No. I have not. Calm down, Bailey.
  22. I don't need to read these questions.
  23. Ok. We're about to enter the pre screening room.
  24. Lower your heart rate.
  25. Lower your heart rate.
  27. "Where have I traveled in the past 3 years?"
  28. Ok. Great. Now I'm gonna sound like a study abroad douche.
  29. Thanks for not treating me like a study abroad douche, Joe.
  30. Joe's from New York!
  31. I'm moving to New York!
  32. Are Joe and I becoming friends?
  33. Joe just told me not to get in an empty subway car because someone probably just pooped in there. I think he's speaking from personal experience.
  34. Joe is my New York Yoda.
  35. Donation timmmmeeeeee.
  36. A left-arm chair is open, this is great.
  37. Wow, my stomach is getting the slightest bit woozy.
  38. I think I was maybe too fixated on the whole pulse thing to remember that I usually get super nauseous during the actual blood part.
  39. Joe is a trainee? Wouldn't have guessed that. He seems like a natural.
  40. Now Joe's joking about putting the needle in cuz we're friends.
  41. I think I shut that down too aggressively.
  42. Joe and I maybe aren't friends anymore but at least the needle was put in right.
  43. We are giving blood.
  44. Keep squeezing the thing. Make small talk. This is going fine.
  45. Was that the ding?
  46. Wow, I crushed this.
  47. I usually get so much more nauseous.
  48. I'm done.
  50. I am staring at the needle in my arm.
  51. Oh god.
  52. Oh no.
  53. I'm dizzy.
  54. I'm sweating.
  55. My vision is doing the vignette thing that amateurs use on Instagram.
  56. Wow, that was a full second of pure blackness.
  57. The lady is talking.
  58. Tell her you're fine.
  59. That didn't come out convincing.
  60. She's saying something now.
  61. She sounds like she's underwater/in a tunnel... I thought that was just like a movie thing.
  62. I didn't want to be reclined, cuz that causes a scene, but I think it's good that I'm now reclined.
  63. The barf bag and chilled towel may be overkill.
  64. I was so sure this was the time that I didn't cause a scene.
  65. Ryan from my freshman year marketing group is seeing this scene.
  66. Pull yourself together.
  67. Wow, I feel fine now.
  68. That passed quickly.
  69. Leave.
  70. Get out of here now.
  71. They really can't keep me here, can they?
  72. They can't.
  73. Grab the fruit snacks. Grab. The. Fruit. Snacks!
  74. Oh and the tshirt.
  75. No mediums. Figures.
  76. Peace, Ryan! See you never, Joe!
  77. All in all, that went relatively well.