Call your grandma.
  1. You meet any nice boys in New York?
    Me: "I go on some dates but nothing serious"
  2. Well, you don't need a boyfriend. Just have fun. What is it they say? Play the field.
  3. Dates are fun.
  4. When I was your age I probably dated around a hundred guys.
  5. One time, the fraternity across the street from my sorority was having a themed dance: Southern Ball.
    Me: "Oh that's nice did you go as Gone With The Wind?"
  6. My date showed up dressed in a Civil War uniform and I went as a bale of hay. I got burlap and pillows and I couldn't sit down but I had fun.
  7. ...
  8. Me: And guess what - the boys can wear tank tops and the girls can't.
  9. Gma: Well that's just sexist and I'll write a letter if you want me to.