Inspired by @lenadunham. Over the course of 3 weeks. Alternate title: I have good taste.
  1. Pride
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    V good.
  2. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
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    V Michael Cera = v good.
  3. Mosquitoland
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    Yaassss YA.
  4. Dope
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    10/10 - Have I mentioned I love coming of age films?
  5. Sisters
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    Enjoyed the experience.
  6. Mr. Robot
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    I like it a lot, but it has some flaws. Tyrell Wellick is of no interest to me and I am working on this list during his scenes.
  7. Love May Fail
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    I'm a huge Matthew Quick fan. This one took me longer than usual to get into, but I crushed the last 100 pages then cried at the end.
  8. Comet
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    Whaddup Sam Esmail? I'm stalking everything you do now. Loved this movie. It involves Justin Long at peak Justin Longness.