Holiday Media Ingestion Highlights

Inspired by @lenadunham. Over the course of 3 weeks. Alternate title: I have good taste.
  1. Pride
    V good.
  2. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
    V Michael Cera = v good.
  3. Mosquitoland
    Yaassss YA.
  4. Dope
    10/10 - Have I mentioned I love coming of age films?
  5. Sisters
    Enjoyed the experience.
  6. Mr. Robot
    I like it a lot, but it has some flaws. Tyrell Wellick is of no interest to me and I am working on this list during his scenes.
  7. Love May Fail
    I'm a huge Matthew Quick fan. This one took me longer than usual to get into, but I crushed the last 100 pages then cried at the end.
  8. Comet
    Whaddup Sam Esmail? I'm stalking everything you do now. Loved this movie. It involves Justin Long at peak Justin Longness.