When I dropped my phone in the toilet, these are the feelings I felt.
  1. Relief.
    From not having to pee anymore.
  2. Shock.
    I was in a loud bar, so I didn't hear the phone go in. Then I stood up and saw it.
  3. Terror.
    Seeing it in the pee.
  4. Freedom.
    Every time I break/lose my phone I feel like a small weight is lifted. I really want to not have a smartphone (in theory).
  5. Wet.
    Grabbing it out of the pee.
  6. Disgust.
    With myself. For being in this situation. For putting my hand in a toilet bowl of urine.
  7. Relief.
    Oh my god my phone still works perfectly.
  8. Guilt.
    For not having any small bills to tip the bathroom attendant.
  9. Drunk.