1. First off Brynelle, how dare you?
  2. What a loaded question: "How's Teen Wolf going?"
  3. A list cannot even scratch the surface of what Teen Wolf is doing or where it's going.
  4. The short answer is I've watched season one.
  5. The longer answer is I've had Teen Wolf in the background while I cook and do chores so I don't even know WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING IN THIS GOD FORSAKEN TOWN?!?
  6. Stiles is keeping this show together like the gahhhdammmn hero we don't deserve
  7. Tyler Posey is a freaking cutie and even though he peaked in Maid in Manhattan he has done some good work here. Like he's made me laugh with thy way he delivers his lines. #acting
  8. I don't care about any other characters yet but I've heard Lydia stops being such a knobhead eventually.
    More Stiles and Teen Wolf.
  9. Stiles pelting Tyler with lacrosse balls is all I want in life. Forever.
    I can't find a gif or a YouTube clip or anything. But trust me. It's a great scene.
  10. Also the music is high key the ish. Been listening to Spotify playlists off and on.
  11. Exhibit A: the song that plays during the lacrosse pelting scene (Get Closer by Life in Film) is a total banger.
  12. So yeah. Stiles can get it.
  13. It's been a fun ride.
  14. But if you think imma watch another season you're more insane than the students at Teen Wolf High.