1. Wake up at 11 a.m.
  2. Long brunch.
  3. Go back to sleep.
  4. Procrasti-clean.
    My "secondary closet" can now be used for sitting.
  5. Work out.
  6. Make Valentine's Day cards for 40 people.
  7. Long dinner.
  8. Extend dinner by getting lattes with the people you just went to dinner with.
  9. Stay at Einsteins until they close.
  10. FaceTime your mother.
  11. Clean your downloads folder.
    Extensive digital filing required.
  12. Pre-plan out an Instagram post for your brothers birthday on Tuesday.
  13. Download this album.
  14. And this one.
  15. Draft list(s).
  16. Use list to shame yourself.
  17. Ignore shame.
  18. Learn "Vienna" on the ukulele.