1. I joined because real life friend and self professed "cool kid" @brynelle wouldn't shut up about it.
  2. Like she pushed it really hard.
  3. Other people she recruited in the span of one week: @rcwornhoff @iheartmonkeys99 @dp10 @CJ
  4. Then we all got our friends on it.
  5. Hello study abroad friends!
  6. Becky got her whole family. Hi @WornhoffFamily!
  7. I recruited my sister... It didn't take.
    Hello @scaleyjo (the shell of a profile that belongs to my sister).
  8. So now I think I have too many real friends on the app?!?
    This is the real crux of the issue.
  9. This has created a sense of anxiety about branching out.
    Suggestions to lists are about as far as I go. And I go there infrequently.
  10. When strangers comment on my lists I feel anxiety about responding.
  11. This all goes back into my 10 years at the same private school.
  12. But if anyone wants to have a South Bend, IN meet up, I could bring a solid dozen people.