Inspired by @sammyfio
  1. NickGAS Shows
  2. Aziz Ansari bits
  3. Accounting 202
    The only class in my major that I excelled in.
  4. Ben Schwartz podcast appearances
  5. MTV reality shows of 2007-2010
    You wanna talk about The Paper because I can talk about The Paper. Same goes for Taking the Stage.
  6. Step Up franchise
    I've seen every film in theaters. I'd probably sweep "dance movies" in general tbh.
  7. Grammar and Country Grammar
    Alternating questions regarding English language structure and Nelly facts.
  8. Name the presidents in order
    Thanks 5th grade!
  9. John Green Novels
  10. Legally Blonde the Musical lyrics
  11. Relationship statuses of my high school classmates
    Answer: What is mostly engaged?