Ya girl's new favorite show has a few motifs.
  1. Brain cooking montage.
    I enjoy the variety of recipes and jaunty soundtrack that accompanies these 10 seconds.
  2. Liv checks out the crime scene.
    Why is she allowed into a murder scene without gloves on?
  3. Liv interrogates suspects.
    Seriously, how is this legal? What are her qualifications?
  4. Major gets punched in the face.
    The writers are obvs jelly of Robert Buckley's beautiful countenance.
  5. Babineaux raises eyebrows in disgust.
    His pointy brows are already a little out of control, and at least once an episode I'm worried they're gonna jump right into his hair.
  6. Ravi makes me swoon.
    The beard. The hair. The accent! THE SKILLED LAYERING!!