Requested by Nora

Movie Characters That Have No Business In My Life

  1. John Doe - Seven
    Night. Mares.
  2. The guy who holds up the signs and kisses a newly married girl. - Love Actually
    I do not have time to look up your character name. Just know that if we ever end up in the same physical space my healthy heart will mess you up.
  3. Johnny Lawrence - Karate Kid
    Honestly, who hurt you?
  4. Salim Malik - Slumdog Millionaire
    Don't try to make me feel for this guy and his "sacrifice". DO WE FORGET THAT HE RAPED LATIKA?!? We do not.
  5. Rocky - 3 Ninjas
    Get the FUCK outta my face. You're only stealing screen time from Colt.
  6. Taylor Swift - Valentines Day
    Stunt casting can eat a dick.
  7. Kenickie - Grease
    Grosses. Me. Out. I hate how he clips Rizzo's wings.
  8. Miss Hannigan - Annie (Remake)
    Tbh. Most Cameron Diaz roles, but she realllly took a dump on this one.
  9. Rhino - The Amazing Spider-Man 2
    We didn't need two bad guys! Why are you trying to systematically ruin everything I love?
  10. Dr. Eugene Landy - Love & Mercy
    V important to the movie but I hated him. And casting Paul Giamatti as the bad guy? How original.
  11. Ricky Fitts - American Beauty
    Probably the most problematic infatuation I've ever had. Get outta my life before you destroy me.