1. Knocked Up
    With the frequency with which this movie is features in E!'s "Movies We Love;" you would think I would've tuned in once by now.
  2. Citizen Kane
    And I call myself a film major?
  3. Casablanca
    See above... And that's the last classic movie or else this list will be interminable.
  4. The Maze Runner
    I'll watch 5 hours of promotional Dylan O'Brien interviews and read the book in preparation, but not pull the movie up on HBOgo.
  5. The Wedding Planner
    Main in Manhattan is literal perfection and I'm guessing this is the same film.
  6. The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
    The only Wes Anderson I haven't seen. No good reason for that.
  7. DOPE
    You mean there's a indie coming of age movie that I haven't seen? EDIT: I did watch this and it's amazing.