So there's this app where you can play pool against your friends and can only chat using very basic pre-programmed phrases. If I could build my own pack this is what it would be. Inspired by @brynelle, she who gets her ass whooped every time we play electronic pool.
  1. I am good at pool.
    My opener for every game.
  2. Good hit.
    When it's not a good hit.
  3. I meant to do that.
    Every time I scratch.
  4. Are you on or any other social media?
    Cuz I'm trynna boost my follower count on pretty much all platforms.
  5. As good as in.
    When I bounce it around the pocket guard things and it just stays on the edge.
  6. You're good.
    Included in the actual basic pack. Sarcasm at its finest.
  7. Are you an attractive male?
  8. Do you like TV?
    A convo opener Brynelle and I use in our day to day.
  9. I'm just here to make friends.
  10. I'm not here to make friends.
    Depends on my mood tbh.
  11. So what exactly is Kombucha?
    Follow up: Did I spell that right?
  12. Have you seen my car keys?
    This is the most common question I ask people irl so it would probably be useful online.
  13. Shut your whore mouth you ignorant slut.
    For when the chat starts getting spicy.
  14. I'm just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to watch her sink this 8-ball into the corner pocket, BISHHH. 🖕🖕🖕